Dead [continued26]

She decided to ask the latinking officialy hers. He said yes. They were in an awkward relationship they had never met. She had engaged in other activities with males even tough she was in a “relationship”. No sex, just kisses and touches. She would close her eyes everytime and imagine it was HIM . She had gotten used to it. Poor guys. They had no chance. She met the latinking. Shy. He was too shy. He was clueless. He was slow. She couldn’t admit it. She felt to bad. She tried to get him to wake up that day, made him, kiss her, feel her pussy and breasts. He plainly was ridiculous. But she was lonely and she did not want to stay that way. He seemed like a scared calf. She was disgusted by him but he was cute. She could break him in like new shoes. Ugly butterfly so full of hate. Phone sex. Each time she imagined it was HIM . She missed HIM . The beggining of the relatioship was fine. It was a weekends only thing. But it started getting serious.She started talking to HIM more again. His girlfriend had moved…

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