Dead [continued27]

Everything that ever went wrong in the relationship was known by HIM . He would give her advice but mostly he warned her to leave the latinking. That kid is nothing but a headache. She was in love with HIM . The latinking was a pawn on her chessboard. The conversations they would have, the late phonecalls, he was so special to her. She never understood why he loved to tease her and please her so much? Maybe the way every guy couldnt understand her teasing. The latinking was in love, she was not. She had other toughts in her mind pursuing HIM . Having HIM at her side in bed at night. Her 15th birthday. The first time she had sex since that God forsaken day. She was taking birthcontrol. Having told her mom about the guy her mom assumed she was some slut. Hah. Mom. Yes she was always there for her daughter. The latinking and her would kiss and fool around but they never had sex. He was to scared to. She lies to him he thinks he touches her good. Everytime she ends up finishing what he doesnt. He’s the wrong one…

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