I snapped my phone shut, because I’m obviously not getting any answers from them.

“Kayla, I know this was your disgusting excuse for a brother’s fault!!” a voice behind me shouted.

I felt Tyler’s eyes watching us, so I turned around as beautifully yet as threateningly as possible. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed him smile that hott little smile of his.

Note to self, practice that turn in the mirror for future reference.

“What?” I asked Cassie, innocence but confidence yet again lurking in my beautiful hazel eyes.

“Look at me! You think I did this to myself?!”

“Well, you never did have a fashion eye..” I shot right back, looking her over once more so I could remember this glorious moment.

Maybe I don’t have to remember it.. I think, slowly pulling out my Razr camera phone to add tension.

“No! Kayla, no! Don’t do this..”

“Say cheeeese..”


“Beautiful!” I say and turn away.

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