Dead [continued28]

HIM . The conversations they had. He would tell her how he would make passionate love to her or crazy sex. How he could make her never want anyone else. She already felt that way. No one could replace him. He would treat her like a doll. Like a little thing that could break. He would convince her to leave the latinking. Why? She always wondered why. Did he want to be hers?
August 21st 3AM. Like every other night the latinking and her would wake up and kiss. Slowly kiss and then touch. Arms, legs, mouths all tangled. She would close her eyes and smile. SHe would imagine it was HIM . She asked the latinking do you want to have sex? He didn’t answer. She stradled him. A difficult task for a 5’3 135 pound girl to an 6’1 300 and something pound guy. He pulled his sweats down, is it in she asked. She didnt feel it not because it was small but because his weight made it seem so. The smell of his dick was attrocious. He would always say she smelled like onions. But he smelled so sickeningly like a wet rag left out…

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