Dead [continued29]

She closed her eyes tight, she danced on him with such great passion she wasn’t there, she was somwhere else with HIM . She opened her eyes and said listen when you feel like you are about to bust a nut just slide me off. She should have known better. This kid had no idea what that felt like. He squeezed his eyes she jumped off. She was so pissed off. semen was dripping off her pussy. She wiped herself clean. She didnt even feel an inch of pleasure. But she lied to him as she always did. Oh, it was good for your first time. Want to do it again. She was joking. She turned her back on him and stayed awake the whole night. He fell asleep almost immiediately. She wished, hoped prayed that she and HIM could be togther. They had sex all the time now. It was nasty sex. The only time she ever enjoyed sex was when he had just gotten out of the shower. Her climaxes were all fake. He always asked her why she would smile during sex. Because she would think of HIM the whole time. Poor latinking. But lies have price…

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