The Vanishing Tombstone

Sarah knelt down by Theresa Inman’s grave and looked
closely at the swirling marble stone, outlining the dates with
her index finger. “Born 1899, died 1938,” Sarah said aloud.
“You died too young, Theresa Inman. I wish I knew you when
you were my age,” she said, closing her eyes again.

What happened next can only be explained as a supernatural
event, for it can not be described by any natural law or
phenomena. The tombstone disappeared. It simply vanished, causing her to fall face forward into the grass. She was so startled by this that she just sat there on the ground, running her hands through the grass where the tombstone had been moments before. “What happened? I must be dreaming,” she thought.

“Hey, you o.k.?” said a boy from underneath a tree.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I don’t know where I am…I mean…” she stood up and walked over to him. “Never mind. You weren’t here a minute ago were you?”

“You’re at Inman cemetary, and I’m Willy. You alright?” he
asked. “You look kinda lost.”

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