foot steps in the hall

Linda close the door, did you see that, what was he looking for? I don’t know, (wrapping his arms around her) but it’s been a long day and I think we should get some sleep.
She couldn’t close her eye’s in this house, let alone sleep. While they unpacked the linen’s, she told him what happened in the bathroom.
He spent an hour laughing at her, and telling her it was stress related, before he fell asleep.
Dusty curled up on the foot of the bed.
The wind was still whipping the trees off the sides of the house, rain still pouring.
Thunder shook the house,
Linda jumped, I must have dozed off.

Foot steps, there was definally someone walking in the hallway, stopping right out side the door.
She looked at Dave sleeping, and slide out of bed.
She put her ear to the door, music,
where’s it comming from?
Cracking the door open just enough to look down the hall,
nothing was there.
Light was comming up the staircase and into the hallway.
She creeped to the edge of the staircase, one more step.

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