Go Meet Girls?!

We’d not been lovers, no you couldn’t call it that. But Chaz and me, well, we’ve been so close, that when I knew I was gay, I figured that as tight as we’ve been our whole lives, he’d “fall right into” being with me, as a gay male lover, of course! What else?
No, his reaction was almost violent. Geezuz! We’ve lived together ever since we graduated from high school, roomied all through college. Nobody ever even suggested we were “gay together”, or acted like we were more than just the best buds ever.
Now, we have an apartment, thinking about buying a house. I tell him: “Chaz, I’m gay, I’ve always loved you. I’ve said it. How do you feel?”
“Go meet some girls.” he just about sneers, then goes to greet the guys for the weekly football game on t.v.
So, now, here I am, in this dump.

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