Come What May, Pt. 70

I sit up on my elbow, and look him in his baby blue eyes. I take his hand in mine, and say “Oliver, I love you more than I could imagine loving anyone or anything. I loved you too from that first moment. When I almost fell and you caught me, and I looked into your eyes, I knew it.”

I look down, away from his gaze. “Ollie, I don’t know exactly how or when it’ll happen, but one day you and I will be together. Just us. I promise.â€? I kiss his hand, and place it over my heart. He nods and smiles. “Whatever the circumstances, come what may.â€? We both know what circumstances he means. We know that Peter will be livid when he finds out. It could be mean the end of the band. I lay my head on his chest.

Outside, the sun is beginning to rise, and Oliver and I watch from the comfort of bed. “This is our first sunrise together, Dreamy,” Oliver says. I smile at him. “May we have many more together.”

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