Come What May, Pt. 71

I’m back in bed with Peter about an hour before he wakes up. I don’t go to sleep though. I’m still too elated from my night with Oliver. I stretch my arms out above my head, and sigh.

I know that I should feel guilty. I used to feel guilty about hugging him while he was in a towel. Now I’m having an affair with him. It all started off so innocently, now it’s anything but innocent. I’m really having a full-blown affair. Sad to say though, it doesn’t bother me one bit. I love Oliver far too much to let it bother me.

Peter rolls over and opens his eyes, looking at me. “You’re absolutely glowing this morning, darling. You didn’t drink much last night, did you?â€? I shake my head no, smiling at him. “Oh god, I must have gotten wastedâ€?, he says, blocking his eyes from the rays of the sun that are beaming through our window. “Yeah, Adam and I had to carry you back up here, and he was drunk tooâ€?, I answer him cheerfully.

“God, you’re bright this morning. Had a nice dream or something?â€?

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