Come What May, Pt. 72

We all meet up in the lobby at 9am. Will, Adam and Oliver are all already downstairs by the time Peter and I arrive. Oliver is sitting in a big, recliner like chair with Adam standing behind it. Our eyes meet, and he winks at me. “Hi Dream.â€?

“Hi Oliverâ€?, I reply, walking over to his seat and sitting on the arm of his chair. “Are you hungry?â€? he asks me. “A bit,â€? I reply. “Ok then, lets find a vending machine or something, since we don’t have time for breakfast.â€? I smile at him. “Peter sweetie, do you want something from the vending machine? Oliver and I are going to find oneâ€?, I ask Peter in my sweetest tone. “Yes, bring me somethingâ€?, Peter replies. “Dreamer, bring me some chocolate. Don’t care what it is. I need candy,â€? adds Will. “Gee Ollie, did you recall me asking Will what he wanted from the machine? Or am I just getting Alzheimer’s really early?â€? I say, scratching my head. “You love me Dreamer. Now go and get my snacks,â€? Will replies to me, laughing.

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