Come What May, Pt. 73

When we’re out of earshot of the others, I ask him “So, did you go to sleep this morning after I left?â€? “No, you were all I could think about. Last night was the greatest night of my lifeâ€? he replies, his skin still slightly flushed. I giggle. “I couldn’t sleep either darling. I laid there in bed smiling until it was time for me to get up. Peter woke up and asked me why I was so cheerful.â€?

We turn a corner, and nearly pass the vending machine, which is in a nice secluded corner. I feed the money into the machine and try to select a chocolate bar. Oliver moves my hair away from the back of my neck and begins kisses it. I forget which numbers I’m attempting to press. I turn around to him, and kiss him. We kiss for a few moments, and then he stops, chuckling as he pulls away. “I’ll stop now. We’ll get charged with public indecency if I don’t. “Yeah,â€? I say, smoothing my clothes out, “Good ideaâ€?. We laugh, and he leans in for a short, light kiss. “I love you,â€? he whispers. “I love you too,â€? I whisper back.

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