Come What May, Pt. 74

We walk back to the lobby where everyone else is. “There trash, here’s your candyâ€?, I say to Will, throwing a candy bar at him. “Okay, I’ve had about enough of youâ€?, he says, getting up out of his seat. I put my fists up, as if I’m preparing to fight. He playfully smacks my hands out of the way, and literally picks me up, tossing me over his shoulder. He throws me down on the one of the couches in the lobby and sits on me. Everyone in the lobby is staring at us. “Get off of me, you beast!â€? I scream as he laughs hysterically.

Adam is keeled over in his seat laughing. Peter though, has an uncomfortable grimace on his face. Oliver is just looking with raised eyebrows. I have two jealous boyfriends in the same room. “Okay, enough Will. You’re going to suffocate her. Get upâ€?, Peter says, his voice slightly betraying some of his aggravation. Oliver waves me over, and I get up from my hollow in the couch and perch myself back on the arm of his chair.

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