Come What May, Pt. 75

We head out to a studio only about two miles from the hotel. Peter and Will head into the main part of the studio, since Peter is recording his vocals first, and Will has to arrange the music. Oliver and I head to the second floor, which has a balcony with two chairs on it. We slide the balcony door shut behind us. We can talk like we want to, but since we’re out in the open on the balcony, we manage not to be too amorous. I pull my chair so that it is right beside Oliver’s. I sit turned sideways in my chair, and I stretch one leg out over his legs. He rests his forearms on it, and turns to look at me. “I love you, Dreamâ€?, he says sweetly. “I love you too, Oliver.â€? “I’m glad you do,â€? Oliver chuckles.

His face goes into a somber look. “Dreamy, I don’t mean to be callous when it comes to Peter. I really do love him very much.â€? I place my hand over his. “I know you don’t mean to Oliver.â€? I look down. “I want to be with you so badly.â€?

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