Come What May, Pt. 76

“Dream, you already are with meâ€?, Oliver says, running his index finger along my leg. I sigh.“You know what I mean. I’d rather be with just you. I want to go back to England with you and spend my days with just you, instead of sneaking around and having two boyfriends.â€? He turns my face towards him. “We will be that way one day. Dream, you’ll be my wife one day.â€?

I smile at him, and we turn out towards the balcony. Only a few feet away, we see a beautiful little girl with porcelain skin, curly wheat colored hair, and bright blue-green eyes, standing right below the balcony. “Look at that beautiful child Dream. Isn’t she precious?â€? Oliver says in amazement. “Yes, just gorgeousâ€?, I say, smiling at the little girl, who is looking up at us. She takes a few more steps forward. “Dream, look at her. She could be our child. She looks like a perfect blend of usâ€?. I peer a bit harder at the child. She does. “It’s kind of like looking into our future, isn’t it?” I ask Oliver.

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