Come What May, Pt. 77

She waves up at us, and we wave back to her. Her mother runs up to her, and takes the little girl by the hand. “I love your band,â€? she says in hesitant English. “Thank you. Your daughter is adorable. What is her name?â€? Oliver asks the woman. “Lilaâ€?, she responds. “Lila…that’s a very pretty nameâ€?, Oliver muses. The lady waves goodbye to us, and walks off with little Lila. He stares off after the child, and then turns to me. “If she were our little girl, what would you name her?â€?. I think for a minute. “I would name her Juliana.â€?

“That’s beautiful. I’d name her Lily, almost like that little girl.â€? He stops and ponders for a moment. “Juliana Lily. That’s what our daughter will be named. Now, if she were a boy, what would you name him?â€? “James,â€? I say without hesitation.

“I’d name him Tristan. Tristan James. Juliana Lily Pruitt, or Tristan James Pruitt.” I laugh.“I can’t believe we’re sitting here, picking out our children’s names. It’s weird…but really romantic at the same time.”

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