Come What May, Pt. 78

It’s October 15, 1984, and we’re in our limo, headed to an awards show. We are all decked out, looking our best. Peter, Adam, and Will have all decided on for silk tonight. Adam has opted for simplicity and class and is wearing a teal blue and black silk vest with black slacks and a black shirt to go underneath it. Will has on an orange silk button down shirt and gray slacks to match them, which despite the sound of the color combination, looks great. Of course, Peter just has to be flamboyant. He’s wearing a white silk button down shirt and white slacks, with a shiny silver tie and a diamond tie clip to go with it. I want to scream “It’s after Labor Day!” but I resist the temptation.

Oliver ends up showing all of the guys up, in a black suit with silver studs on the back of the suit jacket, which has a long tuxedo styled back to it and a collar that resembles a priests’ collar. He pairs this with a black leather fedora. He looks exquisite.

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