Come What May, Pt. 79

I, of course, match Oliver. I’m wearing a black, all leather strapless dress. It is very form fitting, showing curves that I didn’t even know I had. The dress gathers from the bottom, which is ankle length on my left side, towards my right side, creating a dramatic A-shaped split that goes all the way up to mid thigh, with a black leather bowtie at the top of the split. However, the thing that makes me love the dress is the silver studding. They line the entire dress. Even the little black bow has silver studs on it. I wear a pair of black leather cut out stilettos with a bow going across the top, and have had studs added to the shoes too.

Peter is a bit miffed that Oliver and I match so exactly. “Dream, you do not look like my date. You’re literally dressed opposite of what I’m wearingâ€?, Peter complained before we left. “You look like Oliver’s date instead of mine. It’s going to look weird when I’m introducing you as my girlfriend, and you’re dressed as Oliver’s twin.”

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