Come What May, Pt. 80

“Peter, you know that Oliver and I have really, really similar taste in clothes.â€? “Similar? Try the sameâ€?, he scoffs. “Okay, the same taste in clothes. So why does our dressing alike shock or distress you any? Come on, Peter, how likely am I to pick out some angelic white dress that looks like your getup?â€? He furrows his eyebrows at me.

“Peterâ€?, I drawl, “We look fine. We have a whole contrast thing here, you in the angelic white and me in the devilish black leather and studs. Believe me, it looks perfectâ€?. Peter shrugs his shoulders, and then says, “Okay. I guess I should be happy as long as you’re making jaws drop when you step out of the limo.â€?

Which is just what happens as we arrive and step out of the limo. Peter makes his way out first. He stands there, blowing kisses at the cameras that are going off and the cheering masses that are behind the ropes and photographers. Then he extends a hand out to me. “Come on Dream, this is our public debut as a couple.â€?

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