Come What May, Pt. 82

It’s about 12:30 pm when I finally wake up. Peter is still unconscious, and I won’t dare wake him. I walk across the hall to Oliver’s room and knock on the door, but he is evidently still sleeping and sleeping hard. The door to the room next to Oliver’s opens, and Will pokes his head out of the door. He waves me over. “Thank god someone else is awakeâ€?, he says to me, “I’m bored. Come on in here.â€? He opens the door for me to enter. Will is already fully dressed. He looks like he’s been awake for a while. “When did you wake up?â€? I ask him, sitting down on his bed. “I’ve been awake for an hour or so. I knew everyone else was still asleep though. That’s why I’m glad I heard you knocking, so I don’t have to sit in here and wait for the others to wake up.â€? He sits on his bed beside me. “I’m so bored,â€? he repeats. “Yeah, me too. I was hoping Ollie was awake, but he obviously is sti-”

I’m suddenly cut off as Will leans forward and kisses me.

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