Hopefully this title will catch your attention.

Instead of staring out the car window, I watched my little brother make odd faces at me. Those faces are what keep me going. Sometimes he would twist his face around and roll his eyes back. Or he would tilt his head so it looked as if he had no neck. Those faces are hilarious. Not today though. He frowned. “Why aren’t you laughing?”
I shrugged. “Just feeling a little…” I couldn’t finish what I was going to say. There was not one word to describe how I felt. “Is it because of rehab?” he asked. I wouldn’t answer. A 6 year old shouldn’t have to know about rehab. I am not much of a role model. The car stopped, I got out. The car left. Counseling really sucks.
” How are you feeling today, Nathaniel?” why did she have to say my name? It was so annoying to hear the counselor talk. Then she’d say “Nathaniel” in that nasally voice. “Fine” I answered her. ” You don’t look fine”.

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