Love at First Sight...Through a Tomboy's Eyes

It was the first day of high school. I had seen all my friends, signed up for the track and volleyball and basketball teams already and laughed at the cheerleader-football couples making out in the halls. There was one right in front of my World Geography room so I laughed and pointed at them until the tardy bell rang. As I dashed in, I nearly fainted.
There. Sitting. Behind. The. Only. Empty. Seat. In. The. Room.
It was the most gorgeous boy I’d ever seen-and not like the hulking football player type. He was thin, but you could still see his muscles under his tan skin. He had hazel eyes and the blackest, curliest hair I’d ever seen. He smiled at me, showing perfect, even, white teeth. I just stared at him and took my seat.

“Hi,” he said in a beautiful voice, not high or low but not cracking.

“Hi,” I managed. Why did my voice crack? I’m a girl!

“What’s your name?”

“Haley. Yours?” I said. Complete sentences were a bit beyond me.


“Hmm.” What I was really thinking was, gosh, that’s gorgeous.

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