At just that moment, the cheerleader walked in, ignoring the teacher. Seeing that there was no seat, she plopped herself right on poor Fabio’s desk.
“Hi,” she said flirtatiously. “I’m Maggie. What’s your name?” She winked.
I wish I could say Fabio looked stunned, shocked, and disgusted. Instead, he looked pleased. He forgot all about me and turned to Maggie instead.
“Fabio,” he said with a lot more energy than he gave me.
She giggled. I had to do something. Fast. What could I do? Help!
“Hey, Maggie!” I said loudly. She gave a oh-i-didn’t-know-turds-could-talk look. “Um…yeah?”
“Did you already break up with the guy you were making out in the hall with a couple minutes ago?” I couldn’t believe my nerve.
“Oh,” she said dismissively, “we’re just friends with benefits.”
But it was too late. The damage was done. Fabio finally looked disgusted and turned back to me.
“So…” he said.
Victory!, was all I could think as Maggie stalked away to torture some other poor soul.

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