Dead [continued30]

She changed. She smiled more. She ate now. She stopped hurting herself. Her emotions were almost too expressed. She tought it was the latinking that made her change her ways. It was not. She kept talking to HIM . He told her things she wanted to hear. Admist of it all she started gaining weight. She was worried. They both went to get pregnancy tests at the store. They got to his house. She was nervous, scared even. [-] She was relieved. It was negative. The next morning she woke up to take another test. Negative again. Thank You God she said. She knew what she had to do now. She was going to leave the latinking. She tried. He wouldnt get it through his head. He became almost obsessed with her. Something was wrong, she went to the doctor. Your eight weeks pregnant. She smiled. Inside she tought everything. Why was she always hurt in life, she was too wrecked inside her heart to have a child, she was taking her pills, she was too badass, her chance with HIM . She had an option, keep it or have an abortion…

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