Come What May, Pt. 83

I quickly pull away from Will. “Will! What the heck, Will!â€? “Dreamer, you looked so gorgeous last night. I’ve wanted you the entire time you’ve been with us, but last night was the last straw. Peter doesn’t have to know what’s going on between us.â€? “Will, this is wrong…Peter is your best friend and band mate. You cannot hit on his girlfriend!â€? I reason. “Dreamer, don’t you find me attractive?â€? Will whines.

“Will, there are lesbians and straight men that would throw themselves at you. Pretty much all women find you attractive, I’m sure. Believe me, it’s got nothing to do with your looks. You’re gorgeous. But, I’m Peter’s girlfriend. And you and I would just be wrong, okay?â€? He nods his head and sighs. “Okay, Dreamer. You win.â€? “Look Will, let’s just forget this happened. I love you dearly, boy harlot.â€? I say, hurling one of my usual insults at him. He smiles and retorts, “Sure, and I love you too, trollopâ€?. We laugh, and I give him a hug.

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