Come What May, Pt. 84

I chuckle and get up. “I’m headed back to my room to take a shower. Don’t think about forming a mental picture,â€? I say, wagging my finger at Will. “Too late, Dreamer. Bye bye.â€? I leave his room, and walk back across the hall to my room. I sit on the bed, pat the lump under the covers that is my still sleeping boyfriend, and laugh. My own words come back into my head. “…This is wrong…I’m Peter’s girlfriend…he’s your friend and band mateâ€?. Wow, I’m such a hypocrite.

I take my shower, and put on my clothes. I’m still restless though, and decide that I don’t feel like staying in my room. So, I leave back out, walking towards the elevators. To my surprise, Oliver steps out of the elevator. He is carrying shopping bags. “Hey love, where are you headed?â€? he asks as I walk up to him and hug him. “Just for a walk around downstairs to see if I could find some trouble to get into. Where are you coming from?â€? I ask. “I just decided to do a bit of shopping. I didn’t want to wake you up. Is Peter still asleep?â€?

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