Come What May, Pt. 85

I nod my head in the direction of my door. “Yes, he’s out cold.â€? Oliver’s mouth curves up into a huge grin. “That’s just what I wanted to hear. Come back with me to my room then.â€? I wrap my arms around his his slender waist and lean my head against his shoulder. As close as Oliver and I are, even if Peter himself were to walk out of the door at this very moment, he wouldn’t think anything of seeing Oliver and I in such a tender embrace. “Okay. He shouldn’t be up for hours anyways.â€?

We walk to Oliver’s room, and he puts his bags down for a second to unlock the door. I peer down into one of the bags. “Oliver, there’s a little bag in here from a jewelry store. What did you get?â€? He shows me his right ring finger. It is a platinum band with an emerald embedded in it. “Oh, that’s beautiful, Oliverâ€?, I say, admiring his ring. “Yeah, the bag just has the ring box in itâ€?, he answers quickly, and hurriedly picks the bag up.

I’m curious as to why he seems finicky about the bag, but I let it slide.

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