Come What May, Pt. 86

I’m in bed with Peter, when he says the words that nearly kill me. “Dream, one of the guys really has the hots for you, I think.â€? I lay there, still as a mouse. “Um, who Peter?â€? I ask innocently. I know he’s going to say Oliver. I brace myself.

“I really think that Will wants you for himself,â€? he says, turning to look at me. I nearly let out a sigh of relief. I’ve ironically just fended off his advances this morning. Of course, I don’t say this to Peter. “I know he’s my best friend, but I’m not comfortable with how he is around you. Besides, he’s a notorious flirt, and loves women. I’d think twice about you spending time with him like you do with Ollie.â€?

He goes quiet for a minute, and then chuckles. “Dreamy, do you want to know why I’m comfortable with you being around Oliver all of the time?â€? “Why?â€? I ask. I’m a bit curious about that myself. He really seems oblivious to the fact that the relationship between Oliver and I is anything but pure and innocent. “Dream, Oliver is obviously gay.”

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