Come What May, Pt. 87

I’m floored. Peter cannot be this dense. He continues talking. “Sure, he pretends to look at girls, has had girlfriends…I’m sure he told you about the girl he proposed to onstage a few months back. He even lets on as if he’s flirting with you sometimes, but it’s all an obvious cover-up. I know I’m not exactly masculine, but Oliver is more of a girl than you are Dream. He goes far beyond being feminine.â€?

I just sit there in silence. Wow, he’s really, really oblivious. Oliver isn’t gay. He’s extremely feminine, yes, but he’s definitely not gay. I, of all people, should know. Chuckling, he adds, “One day, he’ll be comfortable enough to come out and tell everyone, but I’ll never pressure him to, or even bring it up. It doesn’t change my opinion of him any or even remotely matter. He’s really the guy I trust most in this band right now. I love him and I wouldn’t do anything to push him out of his comfort zone.â€?

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