Come What May, Pt. 90

I personally think that Peter looks like a dark handsome vampire, with his brooding dark features. “Mother, you think that Peter looks like an angel?”

“Yes, he’s angelic. Oh, my grandchildren will be so pretty. That curly blond hair of his is divine!â€? I hesitate for a moment, then laugh. She’s talking about the wrong boyfriend. “Okay, mom…we’re getting confused hereâ€?, I say, stopping her. “The blonde isn’t Peter. Peter is the dark haired one. The blonde is his band mate, and my best friend, Oliver.â€?

“Oh…well, the dark haired one is perfection personified too. He’s extremely handsome. But the blonde is such a pretty boy!â€? she girlishly squeals. I chuckle. “I know; Oliver is a doll. We’re very close. That’s why he picked me to be his angel in the video. He wrote that song, you know.â€?

“Well, he’s a great writer. You know, I really thought that he had to be your boyfriend, based on the way you two matched exactly at the award show, and how you two are the couple in that video.”

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