Come What May, Pt. 91

“Anyways, bring them both home to meet us one day, will you Dream? I hope that you visit us soon. Your father and I almost forgot how you look,” my mother teases.

That’s when I get my next idea. “Yes mother, I will. In fact, you might be seeing me soon.â€?

I know that Peter is itching to get home to London. He’s tired of planes and hotels, and just wants to sleep in his own bed. So I play on this. “Peter sweetie, when we take the two week break after Vienna, I’m going back to America for a week. Do you want to come?”

Peter wrinkles his forehead. “Dreamy, I really want to go home. I just need to see my own apartment. I’ll come with you another time, but this time I’m just really tired and I need to go straight home. I’m sorry baby.â€? I put on a fake pout. “I was really hoping that I wouldn’t have to go alone, but oh well…â€? I anticipate his response. If I know Peter well enough, he’ll suggest what I think he’s going to.

“Sweetie, why don’t you see if Oliver wants to go?â€?


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