Life in the Checkout Lane: Service With a Frown

The lines finally grow down, but the box boy hasn’t shown up. It’s his first day, imagine that.

I need a break. If Randall doesn’t give me one I’m going to scream. I think the thing people don’t realize about people in the service industry, is that they quickly develop murderous tendencies. It’s a bit frightening, yet an overall comfort to imagine the deaths of such mindless people.

Okay, the murderous thoughts again, I need a break. I should have taken one a half hour ago.

What? Wait!

Randall is giving that bitch Karen a break again. She takes a break every half hour, on the hour. Must be nice to be tall, blonde, and perfect. They seem to get everything.

All the other staff looks unerved as she prances by to the breakroom. Randall looks pleased and smiles. I’m stuck with a shrill woman who tells me I don’t know what the hell an Anaheim pepper is.

“I know my peppers!” She screams.

Randall points to a sign on the wall that reads: Service With A Smile.

I don’t smile.

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