The Limo

She heard something behind her, she turned Dave was standing in the door way, what are you doing, he ask? (while yawning)
She turned and looked the light’s were gone and the music had stopped. Snack, I was getting a snack.
Without a candle? Think I’ll join you he said.
She looked like an idiot walking through the living room, checking for anything different.
Now, what are you looking for, Dave asked?
Nothing, not a living thing, she walked a bit faster.
Dusty ran passed them on his way out the doggie door.

The sun came up, the rain had stopped, the power was still out. She got dressed and ran next door.
Where were you last night Jackie? School, I have kids you know. Why, something happen, she ask suspiciously?
Tell me what you know about that house, Linda demanded? Since you talked me into buying it! Ok,ok. Not much, no one’s lived in it for the last fifty years.
(Linda raised her eyebrows) Why? Don’t know. Once a week an old man comes in a limo, goes in, stay’s a few hours, and leaves.

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