Me Walking Away

I asked you not to. I asked you over and over. I gave you advice and guidance, drew you pictures and told you exactly what to do. What am I supposed to think when you don’t do it? What should I think when you turn your back on me, in public, and embarrass me like that? Should I say, “Oh, please, do that again,” or should I turn my back on you?

I won’t tell you. I can’t. I’m not that brave. But, this is me cutting you off. I won’t let you do this to me again. I won’t be humiliated in front of my friends by you anymore. I’m standing up and saying “enough”.

You can do whatever you want. I hope you’re happy, I really do. But, for me to be whole and repair myself, you need to not be around anymore. I need to be far, far away from you.

This is me walking away, head in hands, wondering how it got to this.

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