Dead [continued31]

Of course she decided to keep the baby. She had never felt so unalone in her life. She knew that baby would be her happiness. It was November. SHe was still talking to HIM . Three months pregnant and already showing. Things with her boyfriend, the latinking were rough. She had no heart to say it was over. She tried many times but he always insisted. There was no way to get rid of him. Her boyfriend had a dark side. She would always argue with him and the would end up in fist fights. She was pregnant and he knew better. Her refuge was HIM , he always made her feel better. Leave the ass he would say, your worth more. She found it difficult to say I want you, I need you, I love you. She was sure he didn’t feel that way so she never mentioned it. SHe asked for a break from her boyfriend. He didn’t trust her, he had found a few saved messages from all the ones that she and HIM wrote to each other. He tought she was cheating on him. Cheat. She had tried so many times to leave him she was sick of her boyfriend…

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