Dead [continued32]

She wanted to go out one night. She asked HIM if he would take her out. Her LOVE was there in a few hours. She saw him after a year. She melted. She ran inside the house to get her keys holding her belly she said baby your mommy is in love with another man. She got in the car he kissed her…she wished for a different kind of kiss. She was very quiet. He put the radio up, he started singing, looking at her, maybe singing to her she tought. Yes, he could sing, he was near perfect. I love him so much she tought. He asked her what she wanted to eat, she was craving some Wendy’s he took her there. He said he didn’t want any he had already ate with some friends. He looked so good. So good. They went back to her house. Cold saturday night. She ate her salad and he just watched her. He got on his sidekick started messaging people like crazy. His homeboy called hey let’s go party. He asked her do you want me to stay with you or do you want me to leave. Stay she said. He said no I’m staying at a homegirls house.

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