Dead [continued33]

Homegirl. Okay she tought, fine. Someone called he put her on speakerphone. Hey she asked him where he was with a homegirl he said OOoOo the girl said. Great she tought. She finished her salad. Let’s see if theres any movies on she said. He was headed for the living room she grabbed his hand and took him upstairs. She told him to sit on the bed. She placed her phone on the charger chose the silent option, tought better of it and put it on loud. Her mother wasn’t there as usual. She was with her boyfriend on a trip t Peru. Thanks for inviting me mom she remembered saying the night her mom left. They layed down not touching. She flipped the channels, nothing good on. She was tired. The a/c turned on she started shaking. She didn’t even say it. He pulled her in and covered her with her stinky. He held her tight. She was hugging a stuffed frog that her boyfriend had gaven her. He took it from her and layed it on the floor. She started falling asleep in his arms where she belonged, happy, warm, in love.

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