Dead [continued35]

He knew? Duh he knew. I always have known he said. They kissed. Mouth shut. He still followed the rules. She drew him in closer. Their whole bodies touching. She kissed him. It was too fast, different, his kisses changed. She wrinkled her forehead, No she said not like that. She bit his lip, ran her tounge on it, slowly she wandered in, his lips were soft, warm. They kissed. She ran her hands on his chest. You smell so good he said, your turning me on. She smiled he looked at her and smiled. They knew this already. He grabbed her bottom in his hands and put his leg over hers. He bit his lip. She knew what he wanted. He had already taken his shirt off earlier it was on the floor. He had a “wife beater” on and cahki pants. She took his belt off. What did you do that for he said. Are you going to tie me down. They laughed. She unbuttoned his pants he slipped them off, black briefs. How come I’m the one getting naked he asked her. You sure you want to do this he said. It’s on you, I don’t want to hurt you.

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