Dead [continued36]

Her lover. Her sexy, passionate, perfect lover. O God he joked your the first to get me naked like this. No I’m not she said. He was just in briefs now. He smelled so good everywhere. He ran his hands all over her body. He slipped off her shirt. Cupping her breasts he kissed her neck traveled to her mouth and back. She was busy kissing his chest down to his belly button. Her tounge slid from his belly button to the top of his briefs. His eyes got squinty. She sat on him. He squeezed her hips. She leaned down to kiss him from his neck to his chest all over. She ran her tounge on his neck he squeezed her bottom. Her panties were wet. He grabbed his finger and ran it on the crease. I think your wet he said. I think you are too she said pushing herself on his dick. Bra, panties, briefs, all dividers from her lover. He kissed her breasts, and took her panties off. She was leaking on his briefs. He kept staring at her, taking her in. She helped him out of his briefs. She kissed him all the way down now…

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