The rest of the week went by really smoothly.

Jake didn’t talk to me once, didn’t even look at me funny. Maybe most girls would have taken this as a bad sign, but for me it was good.

Because if he tried to talk to me I probably would have run away or, if I was feeling particularly gutsy at the time, canceled that date.

Why? Because I was nervous. Really nervous.

So I did my best to forget about the entire thing, spending all of my free time in Max’s basement bedroom, playing video games, watching movies, doing homework,and just hanging out.

Then, Friday afternoon Max grinned over at me. “So, your date’s tonight, right?”

I blushed a bit and shrugged, feeling more nervous than ever.

And then the next thing I knew it was half an hour ‘till my date, and I was sitting on my bed wearing only a towel, not sure what to wear.

Finally I settled on a pretty nice, light blue button up shirt and my nicest pair of jeans.

After that I only had to wait for him to come.

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