The Pet Store

Jerry woke drearily, like every morning, stuck in a glass tank with five other bunnies. The food bowl was replenished finally, and he hopped over to eat. Everyday the same thing, hoping that one day he could explore past the clear glass that surrounded him and his companions.

The ring-a-ling of a customer coming in made them perk their ears up. Once in a blue moon a customer came in; the only thing rarer was their cage being cleaned.

But the bunnies’ excited mumblings was cut short. “Don’t take them away! I have the certificates, I swear!”

The animal control officer shook his head. A woman started bringing in cardboard carriers.

As much as Jerry and the others longed to see what was outside their tank, they were also terrified. This wasn’t how they wanted to leave! Suddenly, gloved hands grabbed him and just as quickly deposted into a dark box.

What was going to happen? He hopped, pushing the lid frantically, trying to call out to the others, but to no avail.

He gave up, exhausted, and fell asleep.

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