No Easier

“Why am I doing this?!” I say, still holding on to the chair I was about to throw at my monitor.

“Destroying the monitor will force you to resist the indeniable need to talk to him.. well possibly her.. well IT again.”

“But.. it took me about 3 years of babysitting to pay for this.” I argue, not wanting to see my work go to waste.

“Just do it, get it over with. You’ll be happier when it’s over. Trust me – I know you.”

?: oh so you’ll throw a chair at your monitor because some reflection in a mirror told you too, but you won’t talk to me?


?: confused? i could take all this pain away, give you a fun night..

“Ughh!” I yell, defeated.

“Why on earth do you keep screaming?! I’m trying to play Sega!!” a nosy little head popped into my doorway.


”...SISTER!! Just shut up, okay?”

“Evan, come here. Tell me if you see anything but me and you in the mirror.”

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