Imagination vs. Shades of Grey

Storms are pretty cool to watch, especially when they involve lightning- unless, of course, you’re watching from underneath the 5×5 foot canopy on your boat. Then they aren’t fun at all.

Sitting on the front port side meant she was only 3 feet away from the front starboard side. It also meant she got hit by the rain first, and that the faster they went, the faster the droplets would hit her face. She didn’t mind, a few short minutes of pain were worth getting out of the storm, but the driver, as well as the other passengers, had an aversion to driving fast in storms. So they trudged on, slowly though it be.

It was hard to see from her perch, not only because the rain blurred her eyes, but also because the clouds covered the horizon, making visible only the vaguest silhouettes of the land they were supposed to be headed towards. Slate on slate, the dark grey clouds allotted for no color, leaving her imagination to fend for itself in this hue-less world.

“This is going to be a long ride,” she sighed

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