The 1920"s

What else do you know? Gardener’s come and maid service. If you want to know anything else you’ll have to do the research yourself.
Linda stuck her head inside the door and yelled to Dave,“goin for groceries”.
She found the records building, went in, ask for the lady for the property records. Looking for records close to the 1920’s, and here it was, her name was Catrina M. Strong. The next and previous owner was Waldo D.Sullivan.
He must be the old man, she thought.
Linda had a name, now to the death records.
She found her.
She was born in May 3,1902, died July 28,1926.
Cause’s: Facial brusing, laceration to the back of the neck. Death occured; from loss of blood.
“Murdered” she thought.
News papers might have something on her death.
Linda checked the computers for July 1926,
she found two artical’s Catrina M. Strong, born to,
lived, died, no living relatives.
The second artical on the other hand, was from the local paper which was a little more detailed, a lot more interesting.

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