Eye see Prequel

... Vanessa Says ’’ Oh my gosh Eric let me out of here ! ’’Calm down Calm down all it is is woods and wildlife ! ’’ Well something dosent feel right’’ Then all of a sudden vanessa hears a russel in the leaves ! ’’Wha Wha What is that whos there’’ she yells, then a bunny hops out from behind the tree, ’’ Oh my Gosh A Bunny Its Gonna Kill Us’’ Eric Says in a sarcastic voice.’‘Its Good to stay alert’’
Whatever lets walk futher into the forest lets see if there is anything worth looking for ! ’’ No Eric ths is dangerous !
’’ok stay here by your self’’ ’’okay I will come ! says vanessa as they walk through the forest Vanessa ask’s what do you think might be out there ? and Eric said ’’I have no clue maybe a castle warriors’’ Vanessa giggles a little bit and says ’’ Warriors Castles ?’’ Yea whats wrong with tha- ’’ what’’ Look ! Idont see anything’’ says Vanessa Its probaly your eye again ! Yea but there’s got to be a way you can see it too’’ I guess but how ? all Of a sudden Erics face goes blank ….......

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