Dead [continued37]

He was in her. She sighed with pleasure, a relief almost, the tension between them gone. Mmmm, the way he bit his lips in. He grabbed her hard. Becareful with my tummy she said, yes babe he replied. Can I take bottom she asked, I always get top. He grinned and flipped her over. Ayyy! she said. Spanish. They started speaking spanish. Their launguage for passion. She started loved it. She was the perfect lover. The kind of female that had beautiful orgasms. The were like waves untill the big one came. He was the perfect lover. He lasted long willing to give than recieve. Everytime he penetrated her hard she had to go pee since she was pregnant. Over her he pushed into her slowly the hard then slow again. She watched him, his arm and leg muscles flexing and loosening. She kissed him he kissed her. Everytime she had a small climax she would hold him tight. She was sleepy, dizzy in his love. Are you tired he asked yes she said. Her cell rang. Im going to answer he said…

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