She Needs You

She loves, she loves , she loves you.
She can’t, she can’t breath, without you.
Foolish, you are, foolish.
You took, you stole, her black heart.
Scribbled, scribbled it, with pink chalk.
Gave it back, beating, her heart.
Ripped it out, cold, again.
Erased the pink, the one you drew in.
She cries for you, dies, tells lies.
Thinks about you, everynight, lonely nights.
Lights a candle, prays to God, for you.
Tells her daughter, about you.
She needs you, please think, it’s her.
She will love you, her heart for you.
Tell her kisses, hugs, love.
Be with her, at night, the one she dreams of.
Passion from the past, give her.
In the past, present future.
Caress, touch, kiss, hug, squeeze, whisper.
She loves, she loves you, you.
So love her, lover of hers.
Remember how she made you feel.
Come to her, come near, she sheds a tear.
She needs you, find her, be hers.
Lover for life, in the dark, or in the light.

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