Dead [continued38]

She leaned over as quick as possible. No! she hissed. It was the latinking. A text message: I just ot of work if you care, goodnight. No she didn’t care she was with her lover. Im going to reply he said. No don’t she said he’ll flip. I don’t care he whispered your not with him. Still don’t, baby please. FIne I won’t. They ran downstairs she wanted a midnight snack thanks to the pregnancy munchies and he was thirsty. They ran after each other naked. Back upstairs they layed down to sleep. She slipped her undies back on. It was cold. She kept waking up. He was asleep. She whispered in his ear I love you my osito. She ran her fingertips on his bare cold back. She kissed his neck down to his calf. She tasted his mouth. He woke up. More he said. Yes she replied. This time he was playful. He wrestled her in mock war. He finnaly pinned her down. They laughed. She jumped off him. Down, down. It was crazy now. Fun sex. Her bottom in his face. He grabbed it in his hands pinching, squeezing. She gripped his balls.

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