Dead [continued39]

I love them she said. She ran her tounge on them, sucked on them hard. She rubbed his dick between her breasts. She licked it, parted her lips and kissed it, slid her mouth on it. She sucked on it. Mmmm she said your cum’s not salty, she smiled, yummy. He picked her up flipped her. She moaned. He had his tounge in her pussy he licked it fast then ran it down to her ass. She loved it. Yeah he said, I can do that. Over and over again he licked her, sucked on her lips. She orgasmed, her pussy juice in his mouth. She knew he hadn’t ejaculated but somehow there was some on her sheets. Again sloppy kisses full of lust, hands roaming in search of pleasurable spots. Her clit was being played with while she smacked his ass playfully. She was sleepy again. Another nap. 9:00AM. They woke up. Stay with me she said. I have to go to work babe he said. You can take a shower here and then go to work. No my uniforms at home. Same routine. It was a cold morning, a winter day. He got out of bed, started pulling his clothes on.

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