Dead [continued40]

She was sad already. She made sure to show her dissapointment. Lock the door on your way out she said. She wrapped herself in stinky. She looked out her window. He couldn’t open her impossible gate. He climbed up and over. Her lover was gone. She started feeling that depressed feeling. She cleaned invisible mess in her room, her house. She went back to bed, she couldnt sleep. She kept replaying the moments in her head. How I wish he was mine she repeated. I love him so much. She flipped the channels on her tv, she hugged the pillow he had layed his head on. His scent. His stupid Burberry scent. Tears. Silent tears. Her baby kicked. Stupid me she tought I can’t cry! My baby will get sad to. She got up and made breakfast. I love you daughter she said, this will be our little secret. She hugged her tummy as she ate. Later that day in the shower she let her tears go. Its the water not tears. Its the water. She called her best friend. Five years they had been friends, no fights, no possesivness, her true friend.

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